Dirk Denzer Performing Arts. Art comes from ability.

We do what we can do. And we can do what we do. Dirk Denzer Performing Arts is one of the leading specialist providers of modern variety performances and sophisticated show productions.

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Eine Feuershow der Feuerkünstler Phoenix Firdancers bei unserem 3. Internationalen Varietéfestival in Sennfeld - Lankreis Schweinfurt

By working closely together with customers and showing them our full commitment, passion, creativity and a high level of professionalism, we can produce events packed full of unforgettable experiences. Dirk Denzer’s artistic career, his enthusiasm, and his love of variety and ambitious entertainment alone are a guarantee of success. Added to this are the experiences from a few hundred events of all types and sizes in Germany and abroad as well as the fact that Dirk Denzer Performing Arts offers everything from one source in close collaboration with long-term cooperation partners.


Röthleiner Straße 11 , 97525 Schwebheim, GERMANY
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E-Mail: info@dirkdenzer.com

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