So that milestones can’t turn into stumbling blocks.

A company anniversary is always a milestone and deserves to be celebrated. Dirk Denzer Performing Arts is an experienced and creative specialist in the orchestration of company anniversaries. In small settings or for thousands of guests. Professional, but at the same time individual and insightful. With artistic time travel through a company’s history or an entertaining anniversary talk show, for example. Inspired by the company history, together with our customers we develop an exciting and entertaining script. We then realize it with artists from our circensic portfolio, as well as with artists, presenters, dancers, performance shows, and music ensembles. With everything including professional sound and lighting.

475 years of Stahlwerk Annahütte – a journey through 475 years of company history

Goal: Thanks to customers, partners and employees, conduct intensive discussions, retain customers and employees, create genuine, sustained enthusiasm, communicate company history and content creatively and innovatively

Services: Complete conception of the three-day event, staging of the events, event management, technical conception and complete implementation of the event technology (including video, screen and camera technology), design of the artistic framework program, presentation and entertainment, design of the product presentation, screen content: company-related multimedia and laser show, event documentation (photo and video, including post-production)

Event: Dirk Denzer conceived, designed and presented an unforgettable journey through 475 years of company history of the world’s oldest steelworks. 600 international customers and partners and 900 employees were invited on the three event days and approximately 10,000 visitors on the open day. In addition to a celebratory dinner and in an atmosphere that was perfectly tailored to the occasion, the guests experienced an impressive and enthralling mix of informative talk and sophisticated entertainment. The four-mast tent AIDA, organized by Dirk Denzer, served as the location. From the start, the management and marketing department of Stahlwerk Annahütte were animated by the idea of integrating sections of Denzer’s evening show “Traumschmiede” into the program. As if made for the steel manufacturer, highlights from the forgery show formed the framework for a journey through almost 500 years of company history.



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