Most races are won at the start.

The launch of a new company or project can already decide between victory and defeat. With customized concepts tailored to the customer’s requirements, Dirk Denzer Performing Arts organizes launch events that work and that lay a basis for long-term success. Sophisticated, entertaining and creative events ensure a high degree of attentiveness, convey content and objectives in an exciting manner and are remembered positively by the guests for a long time – a first milestone on the road to success.

Badewelt Bambados Launch Event

Goal: Open a new spa, make guests enthusiastic about the spa, tell a special story, present the spa

Our services: Presentation, acting, scenography, lighting design, technical coaching, production, staging

Event: Dirk Denzer organized two launch events of the new Badewelt Bambados in Bamberg. Inspired by our show “Wasserwelten” (water worlds), the marketing team of Stadtwerke Bamberg trusted in our expertise in the organization of a thanksgiving event for the construction and craft businesses involved. However, Denzer was also given the responsibility of presenting the spa for approximately 400 invited guests.
Underwater artistry, a high-diving performance, large costume art, live music, animation and comedy were the ingredients for a surprising event cocktail. On these two days, Dirk Denzer slipped into a wide variety of roles. The discoverer Columbus was one of his starring roles.



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