Outstanding achievements deserve a red carpet.

Awards should not be presented, but celebrated. For this purpose, Dirk Denzer Performing Arts conceives and implements impressive award events that make award ceremonies events worthy of the Oscars. Small, celebratory dinners and parties as well as spectacular shows in front of a large audience. Parties tailored individually and sensitively to the respective occasion that bring the honored award winners unforgettable experiences and sentimental moments, with a positive long-term impact for the event organizer.

Agrartechnik Award – presentation of the AGRARTECHNIK Service Award

Goal: Honor winners, motivate industry, present service companies, produce excitement and a good atmosphere

Our services: Develop award dramaturgy, artistic framework program, presentation, production, complete event technology

Event: For the 12th time, the renowned AGRARTECHNIK Service Award was presented by AGRARTECHNIK 2013. Awards were granted to the best companies in the industry at regional, national and international level. For the first time, the presentation of the AGRARTECHNIK Service Award during the Landtechnische Unternehmertage was embedded in a diverse entertainment program with high-caliber show acts and live music. Dirk Denzer was mandated with the conception and stage production of this exclusive evening event and hosted the evening with aplomb at the same time. An unforgettable moment that had the guests talking long after it occurred was the spontaneous jacket swap between presenter Dirk Denzer and Ronald Slaats, the CEO of the main sponsor of Rabobank’s Dutch subsidiary De Lage Landen. From this moment on, the mood among the audience was uninterruptedly good and was further fueled by machine comedian UliK, Dirk Denzer’s forgery juggling and numerous other top acts.



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