Employees should be given more than they deserve!

Employees not only earn a salary, they also earn recognition. Because they then show even more commitment, are more motivated and can identify with the company. And that is something you can’t actually pay for. Dirk Denzer Performing Arts develops and produces entertaining, informative and motivating employee events, specifically designed according to the customer’s wishes. With professional artists, presenters and entertainers or with employees of the company. With professional coaching and stage management. A new, successfully proven format, that allows particularly intensive and emotional events to be achieved.

Deutsche Telekom – kick-off event for the DTTS

Goal: Merge various units of the company, create confidence for the future, produce sustained enthusiasm

Our services: Presentation, artist program, production, staging, complete technical implementation, content creation, consulting

Event: Under the theme: “Forging the Future Together,” the new alignment of a unit of Deutsche Telekom AG was communicated in a rousing event. Denzer’s “Traumschmiede” (dream factory) served as the backdrop. Dirk Denzer acted as talk presenter, stage producer and conceptual designer of the event. The management opened the kick-off event itself in a joint forging scene. In addition to the aerial artistry of Chris Ritter and the interactive drumming show by and with DRUM CAFE, Denzer implemented the performance “Heinz baut”, in which Swiss artist Traber built a nine-meter-high tower using many bamboo sticks – as a symbol of the unit to be reorganized.


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