To hold on to customers you need to captivate them.

For 25 years, Dirk Denzer Performing Arts has been designing and putting together ambitious and creative programs for customer retention activities of renowned companies. Events of all sizes, from variety and entertainment in intimate environments to festive gala shows for a few thousand guests. Goal-orientated programs, incorporated into the existing marketing concept, artistically and technically adapted to any location imaginable. Which though with any variation always have a long-lasting effect, because they fascinate and unleash enthusiasm.

Deutsche Bank – customer events at the Mannheim Financial Forum

Goal: Nurture contacts, create enthusiasm for the company, provide scope for inspiration and discussions

Our services: Presentation, artist program, production, staging, technical coaching, implementation

Event: Under the theme “Wunderbare Welt Natur” (wonderful world nature), freelance event designer Andrea Kolb and Dirk Denzer organized an evening event for Deutsche Bank as part of the Mannheim Financial Forum. At the guest reception, the visitors were surprised with an interactive “nature roulette” with wooden chips. The guests could increase their chips through perception – the special aspect was that for each chip played Deutsche Bank planted a tree. Appropriate to this, Dirk Denzer and Giakomo played handmade music in tree costumes. In addition, two wonderful natural forms amused the guests on stilts.
The subsequent dinner offered much room for communication among the guests. Two show acts were integrated into the dinner in a very targeted manner. The introduction was presented by Dirk Denzer as the narrator in an expressive forest-dweller costume. A power acrobatics duo and a shamanic balancing act were the artistic highlights of the evening. The stage program was presented in front of a large-scale forest motif. At the end of the evening, the result of the nature roulette was announced in a small award ceremony: more than 1,800 chips played and thus the corresponding number of trees to be planted – an event with symbolic power, meaningfulness and sustainability! Deutsche Bank mandated us again the following year.



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