Turn your products into heroes.

Where would a company be without its products? Nowhere! For that reason, new products need to be celebrated. And services too, of course! Dirk Denzer Performing Arts knows how products are prepared for the big stage, how they are thrust into the limelight, how to turn them into heroes that are admired, loved and treasured. For this Denzer’s creative team puts together marketing-oriented product presentations that are completely geared towards pre-defined goals and are integrated into an existing strategy. With unusual ideas, the products are given emotional appeal, dramatized and staged, with live art and variety acts. More than 25 years of experience with performing and creativity and a unique archive of artists form a good basis for this. Along with strong, experienced partners in the light, sound and video design area, stage technology and special effects. In this way, we can turn your product into a hero. Because heroes are never forgotten.

L'Oréal - Die Vichy Roadshows.

The goal: Presenting new moisture care, promoting the image, generating sales

Services: Product show ideas, product show design, event production, dramaturgy, technical coaching, staging

Events: A roadshow for presenting a new thermal water moisturizer to some 150 pharmacists and assistant medical technicians. The hottest clubs in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich served as the locations. In sticking to the theme of the product, “water” was the continuous element found throughout the presentation provided by Dirk Denzer, broken up by juggling performances. Here, information relating to the marketing campaign and to the product, panel discussions, speeches, films and videos were combined with select artistic acts to form a balanced program. The very varied locations posed a particular challenge, with the extensive technology not only needing to be set up neatly and in a visually appealing way, but the plexiglass tank that held several thousand liters of water for the under-water artist “Aqualia” also had to be safely installed.



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