Dirk Denzer, the presenter. The power of words.

Dirk Denzer presents day and evening cultural and business events in front of small and large audiences with just as much charm and aplomb as discussions with executives, managers, employees or politicians.

Dirk Denzer – Presenter and Entertainer

His varied interests enable competent discussions, including on demanding topics: from business, finance and management, the topics that most affect your company, to social and cultural developments. Always entertaining and with a good shot of humor.

His tools: relaxedness, spontaneity and a broad range of knowledge. Dirk Denzer has acquired presenting experience for example in his collaboration with Günther Jauch, Kai Pflaume and Fritz Egner. However, over the years he has developed his very own style.

With “Varié-Talk”, he created an independent presenting format that combines information and entertainment in ideal fashion. And if presenting is to really get into its stride, then it even takes place on roller skates in the middle of the audience.


Röthleiner Straße 11 , 97525 Schwebheim, GERMANY
Tel. +49 (0) 9723-930295, Fax +49 (0) 9723-5359
E-Mail: info@dirkdenzer.com

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