Dirk Denzer, the juggler.
As confident with balls as with words.

Dirk Denzer’s talk juggling is active multi-tasking on the stage. It is infotainment packed into a show between ten and fifteen minutes. It conveys verbally the content and messages briefed by the client and interprets them visually with up to seven juggling balls.

Dirk Denzer – The Juggler

The entertaining and sophisticated program is unquestionably suitable for successfully replacing even a prominent speaker as keynote speaker – even on such complex topics as globalization, sustainability, demographic change, corporate development, brand philosophy and customer loyalty.

In contrast, his impressive performance with glowing balls, glowsticks and glowing clubs is designed purely as an entertainment program. In Giakomo’s “Future Violin Show” with his glowing glass violin, the five-minute musical juggling performance receives a special futuristic character.

Dirk Denzer touches hot iron in his forgery performance. Here, not conkers but glowing balls are taken out of the fire and juggled spectacularly. This act, too, lasts five minutes.


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