Giakomo - Future violin show

Modern violinist convinces with innovative performance.

He is an exceptional talent. One like no other – as a composer and violinist, with his futuristic, glass violin that glows from within, Giakomo offers a top-class show. A visual delight and a highlight of every event.

His Future Violin Show lives from sound as well as lighting and laser effects, with which he – from the soulful to the futuristic – mesmerizes the listeners. However, Giakomo also creates a unique acoustic setting and an almost mystical atmosphere as a live performer for artists from a wide variety of areas with his electric violin. Musician Giakomo can look back at a multifaceted past, whether as an orchestra musician and soloist in the classical field or as a virtuoso in the improvisation in the rock-jazz-country/folk field, where he has played with top German and international acts.


Röthleiner Straße 11 , 97525 Schwebheim, GERMANY
Tel. +49 (0) 9723-930295, Fax +49 (0) 9723-5359

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