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Dirk Denzer receives endorsement contract for Hanika guitars

2015/11/20 - For about seven years, Dirk Denzer has been playing a guitar made by Klangmanufaktur Hanika from Beiersdorf/Forchheim in all his performances.

Dirk Denzer der Gitarrist bei der Knauf Award Verleihung in Würzburg 2014

An experienced and highly qualified team of employees at the guitar maker HANIKA builds one-of-a-kind guitars with considerable flair and commitment. They all view craftsmanship as precision work and sound as art. Dirk Denzer loves and appreciates the sound and the joy that Hanika guitars offer their players. For this reason, he has been HANIKA’s guitar ambassador since September 2015 and has received an endorsement contract from the company Hanika. The conviction in Denzer's message is clear: Hanika guitars deserve the rating "absolutely recommendable" for beginners, professionals and guitar masters.

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