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Dirk Denzer stages the presentation of the Ceres Award in Berlin for the third time

11/02/2016 – 300 farmers, specialists in agricultural technology and many association members met for the presentation of the Farmer of the Year award at the Kosmos event site in Berlin in October.

This is the third time that Dirk Denzer and his team have staged the Farmer of the Year's award night, the presentation of the famous Ceres Award, on behalf of the Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag (German agriculture publisher).  They delivered the concept, the program direction, staging, presenter coaching and the artistic program.

The evening’s program was presented by Susanne Schöne, and magician/mentalist, Nicolai Friedrich, equally well-known due to numerous TV appearances, who accompanied the audience throughout the event. He introduced the individual award blocks with his magic skills, which were tailored to each respective subject. He cast a spell over the audience with style, charm and breath-taking  entertainment. During the evening, live caricature artist, Tony Kobler, provided lasting memories with his striking cartoons and portraits of the guests


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