Dirk Denzer - show producer with the gift of enthralling.

An evening show is teamwork. On the stage and not least behind the scenes. For this reason, Dirk Denzer produces his shows not only with first-class artists but also for many years now with a professional and well-coordinated creative team. This leads to splendid shows with a focus on variety and circus arts for the public guest performance industry of which the audiences will always have fond memories.

Music producers, lighting and sound designers, stage and costume designers, choreographs, assistant producers, content designers – Dirk Denzer’s team behind the scenes includes all the experienced specialists without whom no program can work. Thus, throughout the years numerous, large international variety shows have been produced that quickly developed into audience magnets. Theme-based shows with sophisticated dramaturgy, exciting themes and content for theater, festivals, art and cultural events, TV shows and tours.

The stage shows with high-caliber, international artists and featuring multimedia elements as well as inspiring imagery repeatedly produce sustained applause from audiences. They are absolutely unique and offer the visitor spectacular experiences from which not least event organizers and tour partners benefit. Of course, the shows can also be booked in full or in segments for company events.


Röthleiner Straße 11 , 97525 Schwebheim, GERMANY
Tel. +49 (0) 9723-930295, Fax +49 (0) 9723-5359
E-Mail: info@dirkdenzer.com

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