Dirk Denzer´s Spirit Dreams

A spiritually uplifitng variety event

Dirk Denzer provides a fascinating variety gala full of spectacular visual experiences a platform with his new stage production “Spirit Dreams”. You can experience the variety stars in our time combined with a fantastic variety spectacle. Look forward to a kaleidoscope of classical, contemporary and modern variety art with top performers of international variety.

Magical moments of bubble art, wonderful juggling performance and unique balance art will be replaced by adorable comedy and breathtaking top artistry.

A unique concept connecting modern, expressive variety art with inspiring and life-enriching texts for the first time. An unforgettable show which does not only create wonderful visuals on stage, but also touches you deep inside. And an ambitious idea, impressively set on stage through the world´s best performance, show and music artists.

“Spirit Dreams” is modern entertainment at the highest level which even offers much more than just thrill and a firework of brilliant variety and performance art. “Spirit Dreams” is a wonderful show, which does not only entertain, but also uplifts spiritual. A transcendental experience, which combines pictures, words and live music to a unique and witty adventure.


Dirk Denzer´s new show “Spirit Dreams” – Entertainment which touches your soul!


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E-Mail: info@dirkdenzer.com

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